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Stock 180139
Year 2006
VIN 1FMEU************
Body Type WGN 4DR
Mileage 144118

Part Description Price
A/C Blower MotorFRONT35.00
A/C Blower MotorREAR35.00
A/C Condenser4.0L50.00
A/C EvaporatorREAR100.00
A/C EvaporatorFRONT100.00
Air BagLH,WHL,TAN75.00
Air BagRH,DASH75.00
Back Window000,HTD,PRVCY175.00
Body Complete Frame OffRED EXPLORER 4DR 4X4 XLT 4L 146K REPN/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, Left000,LH,RED250.00
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, Right000,RH,RED250.00
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleAIRBAG55.00
Brake ABS Power Booster4.0L75.00
Cooling Core Support000,4.0L,INNERSTRUCTURE200.00
Cooling Fan Clutch4.0L65.00
Cooling Radiator Overflow Bottle4.0L30.00
Cooling Radiator Shroud4.0L,6L2Z 8146 B45.00
Cooling Transmission Oil4.0L,AT,6L2Z 7A095 A75.00
Differential Carrier AssemblyREAR,3:55 STD RATIO115.00
Differential Carrier AssemblyFRT,3:55 STD RATIO150.00
Door Latch Assy, LeftAL2Z78264A01AB107.65
Door Latch Assy, RightAL2Z78264A00AB104.83
Door Trim Panel Assy, Left6L2Z7827407BAB, XLT Model, Cloth Seats212.31
Door Trim Panel Assy, Right6L2Z7827406BAB, XLT Model, Cloth Seats195.75
Electrical Fuse Box4.0L,AT,4X485.00
Engine Air Cleaner000,4.0L,ASSEMBLY40.00
Frame Complete000,4.0L,4X4,CLASS II400.00
Front Bumper Reinforcement000,REINFORCEMENT BAR75.00
Front Door Electrical Switch Panel, LeftLH,MASTER40.00
Front Door Outside Mirror, Right000,RH,ELE,BLK TEXT50.00
Front Door, Right5D2,RH,ELE,XLT,RED150.00
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)4.0L,AT75.00
Front Fender, Left5D2,LH,XLT,INC LINER,RED100.00
Front Headlamp, LeftNIQ,LH, 0F670.00
Front Suspension Knee, LeftLH,4.0L,4X4,ABS125.00
Front Suspension Knee, RightRH,4.0L,4X4,ABS125.00
Front Turn Park Marker Fog Lamps, Right000,RH,FOG35.00
Glass Latch Assy7L2Z7840860A101.65
Grille Header Panel000,EMPTY HLP MOUNTING PANEL,RED150.00
Headrest6L2Z78611A08AAB, XLT Model, Cloth160.63
Headrest6L2Z78611A08AAB, XLT Model, Cloth160.63
Headrest, Right9L2Z78611A08AD, XLT Model, Cloth Seats156.13
Instrument Panel000,XLT,TAN150.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head4.0L,AT,MPH,TACH75.00
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlMANUAL AC30.00
Intermediate Shaft6L2Z3E751BA154.10
License Lamp6L2Z13550A, XLT Model109.69
Lower Column Shaft8L2Z3B676B205.25
Lower Hinge, Left6L2Z7826811B108.10
Lower Hinge, Right6L2Z7826810A108.10
Misc ABS Brake Parts4.0L,ASSEMBLY75.00
Quarter Glass, Left000,LH75.00
Quarter Glass, Right000,RH75.00
Quarter Panel, Left6D2,LH,RED300.00
Rear Door Glass, Left000,LH50.00
Rear Door Glass, Right000,RH50.00
Rear Door Vent Glass, Left000,LH50.00
Rear Door Vent Glass, Right000,RH50.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, LeftLH,ELE,INC MOTOR60.00
Rear Door Window Regulator, RightRH,ELE,INC MOTOR60.00
Rear Drive Shaft4.0L,AT,4X475.00
Rear Lamp High Mounted Stop000,XLT,8L2Z 13A613 A75.00
Rear Suspension, LeftLH,4.0L,ABS125.00
Rear Suspension, RightRH,4.0L,ABS125.00
Running Board Assy, Left6L2Z 16451 AAA, XLT Model276.09
Running Board Assy, Right6L2Z 16450 AAA, XLT Model276.05
Side Rail, Left5L2Z7855115BAA, XLT Model91.97
Side Rail, Right5L2Z7855114BAA, XLT Model91.97
Spare Wheel Hoist7L2Z1A131A82.97
Steering ColumnAT,FLR SHFT,TILT,CRUZ,TAN75.00
Storage Box LidAL2Z7846140AB, Camel128.99
Transfer Case4.0L,AT150.00
Transfer Case Motor4.0L,AT75.00
Transmission Floor Shift Assembly4.0L,AT,XLT,9L2Z 7210 BB75.00
Vapor Canister7L2Z9D653B114.92
Windshield Washer Reservoir4.0L25.00
Windshield Wiper MotorFRT30.00